Fergus Keyes

Fergus Keyes
Region of Interest:

General Montreal, Quebec, and Canadian history with a specific area of Irish immigration to Canada

Other Info:

Fergus Keyes is a life-long Montrealer and involved in the Montreal & Quebec Irish Community. He spearheaded the restoration of an old Irish cemetery at Saint-Colomban, Quebec. His current effort is working to build a beautiful, world-class memorial space around the Black Rock in Montreal in memory of the 6000+ Irish immigrants that dies of typhus and were buried in the area in 1847, as well as, to honour the many Montrealers of every language, religion and heritage that went to the area to provide help and comfort to the poor and dying Irish.
He has spoken about both the Black Rock project and the overall history of the Irish in Quebec, and their contributions from the first Irish immigrant to Quebec recorded in the 1600’s until the present day.