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Louise Abbott

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Louise Abbott
Eastern Townships
The history of: Barns and farm fences in the Eastern Townships ,covered bridges in eastern Canada (Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario), historic gardens of Quebec, the contemporary life and traditional culture of the Cree in James Bay.

Louise Abbott is a writer, photographer, and documentary filmmaker based in the Eastern Townships. She is the author of The Coast Way: A Portrait of the English on the Lower North Shore of the St. Lawrence. She wrote and directed The Pinnacle and the Poet (1995) and Alexander Walbridge: The Visionary of Mystic (2002). Her most recent book, The Heart of the Farm, was published in 2008. Her most recent film is called Crisscrossing Space and Time: A History of Farm Fences (2007). She is available to give public screenings of her films or digital slide shows of the work that she and her husband and collaborator, Niels Jensen, have been doing in the past five years through their communications business Rural Route Productions.