Matthew Farfan

Old Hull Methodist Chapel (1827). (Photo - Matthew Farfan)Built in 1827, the old Hull Township Methodist Chapel is believed to be Quebec’s oldest church building still standing west of Montreal.

Built entirely of cut stone on the farm of William Grimes, through subscriptions raised among local Methodists, the chapel served the local congregation faithfully until 1858, when a new and larger church was built on Main Street in Aylmer. The old chapel was rented out for a few years, and eventually sold and converted to a private residence in 1886.

The building changed hands a number of times, until it was finally expropriated in 1975 to make way for a new highway. It was subsequently sold to the City of Aylmer, which, in 1989, re-located it to its current location on Aylmer Road.

Exhibition rooms, Aylmer Heritage Association. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)

Used for a time as a cultural centre, the old chapel was altered extensively, particularly on the interior. In 2000, it became home to the Aylmer Heritage Association, and in 2004-2005, was completely renovated by the new City of Gatineau, with assistance from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

The building now houses the Archives and Exhibit Centre of the Aylmer Heritage Association.

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