Matthew Farfan

The old Court House, now a cultural centre. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)(Continued from Part 1)

Further up the street is another of Aylmer’s outstanding landmarks. The old Court House (120 Principale Street), built in 1852, is a neo-classical edifice of truly monumental size. At one time, a prison was housed within its walls, and to be lodged there was said to have been a grim experience. The old Court House is now home to the Centre culturel du Vieux-Aylmer.

Christ Church Anglican. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)

Aylmer is home to a number of churches. Christ Church Anglican (101 Charles Street) is the oldest, and was built in 1843 on land donated by Charles Symmes. Among the interesting features of this church are its memorial stained glass windows.

The former Aylmer Academy, now home to a school board. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)

The former Aylmer Academy (170 Principale Street) is another notable local landmark. Dating to 1861, the building was Aylmer’s first “high school”. Today, it is home to the Western Quebec School Commission. Aylmer is known not only for its splendid stone architecture, but for its more modest historic dwellings, as well. A number of these are built of squared logs, such as the Inglis House (62-64 Principale Principale Street).

The Inglis House. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)

Built in 1870, this double house was constructed of 12-inch hewn timbers. According to the Aylmer Heritage Association, one side of the house served as a bakery and general store, while the other side and second storey served as a dwelling for the owners, William and Hiram Inglis. In later years, the timbers were covered in a layer of stucco, a common practice.

The Wyman Davis House. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)

On other homes around town, like the Wyman Davis House (165 Parker Street) the original timbers are proudly exposed for all to see. This house, which dates to the 1850s, has been recently restored.

For more information on historic Aylmer, contact the Aylmer Heritage Association at (819) 684-6809

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