Food Will Win the War: Home Cooks in Montreal, 1939-1945 – Part I
--October 8, 2015. The following is the first installment in a series written by Sandra Stock, as part of QAHN's project, Housewife Heroines: Anglophone Women at Home in Montreal during World War II, which has been funded through the Department of Canadian Heritage's World War Commemorations Community Fund.
By Train to Morin Heights
The coming of the train in the 1890s ended the almost complete isolation of Morin Township. The train brought in the first summer, then all year, visitors to Morin and started a lively tourist industry, especially with the development of skiing in the 1920s.
Pagé Blacksmith Shop, Morin Heights
Raoul Pagé bought the blacksmith shop in Morin Heights in 1934. The establishment was located in the rear of the still-standing house, and Raoul Pagé operated it for several decades.
Laurentian Rest, Morin Heights
Laurentian Rest was one of several large boarding house
The City of Gaspé
Historic and cultural town Gaspé - Gespeg: a Micmac word meaning "land's end". More than 15 000 people are living on its territory that extends over 1 440 km2 and 130 km of coastline. In 1534, the navigator Jacques Cartier from Saint-Malo, then on his first voyage to North America, found a safe harbour in Gaspé Bay. There, he erected a cross by way of taking possession of the territory on behalf of François 1er, King of France. That is why Gaspé is called the "Birthplace of Canada".
Farewell to the Oldest Store in Morin Heights: the Mickey’s Story
--October 1, 2014. The following article, titled "Farewell to the Oldest Store in Morin Heights: the Mickey’s Story," was written by David Hodgson and is published by the Morin Heights Historical Association. Based on interviews conducted last year with Owen and Heidi LeGallee, the article relates the story of the LeGallee family and its part in the history of the town of Morin Heights.
The Irish, Montreal and St. Columban
Most Montrealers believe that all of the Irish immigrants to our city arrived at the time of the Irish Famine in 1847, when in reality the ancestors of many of our present day Quebec citizens of Irish descent likely arrived decades before this terrible event.
Noranda Mines, Gaspé Division: Historical Highlights
1909 Alfred Miller was guiding a party of timber men up the York River he noticed pieces of rock containing copper at the mouth of little York Lake. 1921 -1922 The five Miller brothers undertake an expedition to discover the location of the rocks that contain copper and their search ends near Copper and Needle mountains. 1932 Mr. I. W. Jones working for the Quebec Government inspected the Miller's claims wrote a report on the area.
Ice Palaces of Montreal
Since the time of earliest settlement, the greatest unsolved challenge facing Montrealers has been what to do about winter. Winter has determined our culture and history probably more than any other natural or human factor. It's tough. It's not for sissies. Thus its necessary survival requirements have created many unique material and social inventions.
Val-David and Belisle Mills
Val-David іs а unique village оf almost 5,000 inhabitants located іn the Laurentian Mountains аbоut 80km north оf Montreal, Quebec, Canada thаt attracts аbоut 100,000 tourists а year. Val-David іs predominantly Quebecer аnd has а sizable minority anglophone population.
Going Up, Down and Through Mount Royal
Mount Royal: as mountains go, it's not very big – only 233 meters (764 feet) in height on the main summit, and a diminutive 211 meters ( 692 feet) on the Outremont peak and an even less 201 meters (659 feet) for the Westmount peak lookout.
The Howard Dynasty
Benjamin Cate Howard (1865-1923) was born with a deep and solid Eastern Townships’ heritage - his grandparents from his father’s side had been Irish immigrants arriving in the Townships in the early 1820s, and a set of great grandparents from his mother’s side had been part of the Marlow pioneers in Stanstead, arriving from New Hampshire circa 1800. As it was, Ben Howard was born the second son to a farming family on what was known as the Howard Farm, Apple Grove, which was an area just a few miles northwest from where the old Marlow Settlement had been located - present day, Marlington.
Winter Time in Richmond
The Richmond County Historical Society (RCHS) was formed in 1962. As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we have presented some photos and information from the past.
Sam Robinson: St. Hubert’s Very English Mayor
While much has been made in the media about Montreal having its first English mayor in a hundred years . Mayor Michael Applebaum is not the only English-speaking person to serve as mayor of a majority Francophone city in Quebec over the last century. In South Shore St.
Mills and the Development of Bolton and the Townships
The Mills during the period of the French, British and Eastern Townships
St. James Wakeham Hall, Wakeham (Gaspé)
On November 17,1907, construction started on Wakeham Hall , the building that was to become the focal point for the community of Wakeham for many years.
Woods Store, Melbourne
The Woods (Burt) Store was located at the corner of Route 243 and Cemetery Road in Melbourne, Quebec. In 1887 the Upper Melbourne Post office, with H. L. Burt as Postmaster, was one of sixteen Richmond subscribers of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada.
Interview with Beverly Prud'homme: Disaster Strikes the Family Farm, Rawdon
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