Trivia Quiz: Saint-Jovite: At the Foot of the Mountain (Answers)
--March 18, 2019. 1. A. There had been a forest fire in the township in 1870. The fire cleared a good amount of undulating land creating an ideal spot on which to construct the Saint-Jovite mission. 2. D. All of the above. 3. C. 8%. 4. B. Paper. 5. A. P’tit Train du Nord. 6. D. Île d’Orléans. 7. A. The clearing of lands and the burning of the debris.
Trivia Quiz: Saint-Jovite: At the Foot of the Mountain
--March 13, 2019. 1. Why was the area in which Curé Samuel Ouimet built the Saint-Jovite mission in 1879 known as “Grand-Brûlé” (big burn)? a. There had been a forest fire in the township in 1870 b. It was named in honour of Étienne-Brûlé c. In 1877, a local logging yard caught fire and the flames reached up to 20 metres high d. The area was named after the intention of the mission: to incinerate satanic spirits
1914: The Cheese Fondue Settles in the Laurentians at Chalet Cochand
--February 19, 2018. 1911 was the year that Emile, born in 1890, escaped the small very rural village in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland; embarking on the great adventure, a close to penniless immigrant. He had already distinguished himself as an athlete, now he was going to bring skiing to Ste. Agathe.
Establishing a Catholic Parish in Grenville
--October 3, 2017. This is a translation of Chapter 2 - HISTOIRE DE Notre-Dame des Sept-Douleurs DE GRENVILLE, P. Q., by Abbé Michel Chamberland, published by Imprimerie de Sourds-Muet, Montreal, Qc, 1931.
Laurentians Photo Quiz: Name That Village! #2 (Answers)
--November 23, 2016. 1) d (now Brownsburg-Chatham) 2) c (François-Xavier-Antoine Labelle, sometimes called the "King of the North") 3) a 4) b 5) a 6) a 7) b 8) d 9) b 10) a
Laurentians Photo Quiz: Name That Village! (Answers)
--November 22, 2016. 1) b 2) d 3) b 4) d 5) c 6) a 7) b 8) a 9) c 10) b
Laurentians Photo Quiz: Name That Village!
--November 22, 2016. 1) This early postcard shows the start of the canal in what Lower Laurentians village? a) Carillon b) Grenville c) St. Andrew's East d) Rideau
Shawbridge Reminiscences
--April 5, 2016. It was not quite dancing in the streets. More accurately, there was a lot of strolling and conversation. Between World Wars I and II Shawbridge was a magnet for the residents of Montreal's teeming Jewish neighbourhoods. Road access was poor but the train made the little community on the lower side of the bridge, across the North River a welcome respite from the city. Shawbridge served as a summer resort destination. There were cottages available to rent weekly or for the season and modest hotel/rooming houses.
By Train to Morin Heights
The coming of the train in the 1890s ended the almost complete isolation of Morin Township. The train brought in the first summer, then all year, visitors to Morin and started a lively tourist industry, especially with the development of skiing in the 1920s.
Pagé Blacksmith Shop, Morin Heights
Raoul Pagé bought the blacksmith shop in Morin Heights in 1934. The establishment was located in the rear of the still-standing house, and Raoul Pagé operated it for several decades.
Laurentian Rest, Morin Heights
Laurentian Rest was one of several large boarding house
Farewell to the Oldest Store in Morin Heights: the Mickey’s Story
--October 1, 2014. The following article, titled "Farewell to the Oldest Store in Morin Heights: the Mickey’s Story," was written by David Hodgson and is published by the Morin Heights Historical Association. Based on interviews conducted last year with Owen and Heidi LeGallee, the article relates the story of the LeGallee family and its part in the history of the town of Morin Heights.
The Irish, Montreal and St. Columban
Most Montrealers believe that all of the Irish immigrants to our city arrived at the time of the Irish Famine in 1847, when in reality the ancestors of many of our present day Quebec citizens of Irish descent likely arrived decades before this terrible event.
Val-David and Belisle Mills
Val-David іs а unique village оf almost 5,000 inhabitants located іn the Laurentian Mountains аbоut 80km north оf Montreal, Quebec, Canada thаt attracts аbоut 100,000 tourists а year. Val-David іs predominantly Quebecer аnd has а sizable minority anglophone population.
Interview with Beverly Prud'homme: Disaster Strikes the Family Farm, Rawdon
Click here for a podcast by Dwane Wilkin, produced in 2012 as part of QAHN's StoryNet initiative.