“Woman is a bit of a slave in this country”
The Journals of Anne Langton, 1839.

The rise of the Patriote movement in the 1820s and 1830s was a crucial turning point in Quebec’s history.

Compton County Museum’s large and unique collections transport the visitors back to everyday life in the early homesteads and villages of Eaton Corner and Compton County in the 1800s.

Situated in the heart of beautiful Knowlton, the Brome County Museum is a must for anyone who fancies a glimpse of life in Brome County a century or two ago.

The Greenwood Centre for Living History is not your typical museum.

The Missisquoi Museum is a highlight of any trip through Missisquoi County, and an excellent starting point for a walking tour around the picturesque village of Stanbridge East.