Online Heritage Show & Tell: Mark your calendars!!
February 23, 2022, 1:30-3:00 p.m. QAHN & Partners present "Belonging & Identity"HERITAGE SHOW & TELL ONLINE 11 communities, 11 great projects, from podcasts and online exhibits to live performances: Here's your chance to meet heritage leaders from across Quebec who are celebrating local history and culture despite pandemic challenges.
The "Fossmobile": help make it happen...
--January 10, 2022. There are many wonderful Canadian history lessons, but one that has often been overlooked is that of Canadian inventor and automobile maker, George Foote Foss, of Sherbrooke, Quebec. More than 124 years ago, a prosperous mechanic, blacksmith, and bicycle repairman named George Foote Foss built Canada’s first successful gasoline engine automobile, which was later referred to as the Fossmobile.
Quebec Heritage News, Spring 2022
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A “Tribute” to the Fossmobile (1897)
--November 29, 2021.
QAHN's Letter to Canadian Heritage RE: the "Fossmobile" Project
November 26, 2021 Hon. Pablo Rodriguez MP, Honoré-Mercier Minister of Canadian Heritage RE: George Foote Foss and Canada’s First Gas-powered Automobile Dear Minister Rodriguez, Canada’s very first gasoline-powered automobile – the “Fossmobile” – was built right here in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Named for its builder, local resident George Foote Foss, this unusual vehicle was completed in 1897. The 125th anniversary of that momentous event takes place in 2022. Hence, Minister Rodriguez, the urgency of this letter to you.
Meet the Network: Episode #9
--November 16, 2021. Meet the Network, Episode 9: Wes Darou! This fall we have been sharing short selfie videos to introduce you to some of the inspiring people who make up our network. This week, we head to West Quebec to meet with Wes Darou, an enthusiastic speaker, author, and volunteer.
In Search of a Witch: QAHN's "Scandal Makers" Team Heads out to the New Mexico Road in Island Brook
--October 18, 2021. The filming of QAHN's second "Scandal Makers" mini-documentary series continued this past Sunday, a dull drizzly day. Perfect perhaps for our latest location. This series, which spotlights the seamier side of life in the Eastern Townships in days gone by, is set entirely in the region's graveyards. The focus is on some of the less than savory characters who left their mark on the region's history and who are buried in various local cemeteries.